"Cancer is a real lottery, and only research will save us" M.A Blasco

Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)

Cancer is the most common lottery prize in Spain, according to the Spanish National Cancer Research Center (CNIO). With this strong message the CNIO explains in its last campaign #The easiest lottery you can hit"  the importance of research in the fight against a disease that will affect one in three Spaniards during their lifetime.

Messages such as ''It can change your life'', ''In 2021, 276.239 won it'' or ''One in three will win for sure'' have been located at different spots in Madrid to bring attention to the CNIO's work in combating these figures. To spread the need to raise funds, the CNIO has also opened its own lottery administration.


The lottery administration informs visitors of the initiative ''CNIO Friends'', aimed at those who want to donate funds directly to the recruitment of young researchers at the center. Through ''scratch cards'', popular in the Spanish lottery, visitors can familiarize themselves with some data about the disease in the country. "Cancer is a real lottery, and only research will save us. This is the idea we want to convey with this campaign. We know it may be shocking for many people who have lived close to the disease'', says María A. Blasco, CNIO Scientific Director. 

''As one of the most internationally renowned centers, it is important that people get acquainted with CNIO's activities and that they understand the importance of donations in ensuring our team continues to increase to fight this lottery that we hit as all'', adds Blasco.

The CNIO is a Spanish institution dedicated to the research, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, directed by the scientist Maria A. Blasco and ranked among the top 10 monographic cancer research centers in the world.

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