Particle Physics Unit at the Centre for Energy, Technology and Environmental Research (CIEMAT – FP)

A María de Maeztu unit since 2015

The CIEMAT-FP group was recognized in 2015 with the María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence award.

The CIEMAT-FP Unit participates in large international experiments at the forefront of knowledge and technology in Particle and Astroparticle Physics, Cosmology, Detector R&D and Scientific Computing fields, achieving a very high scientific level and showing the highest international standing.  

The Unit has unique capabilities in Spain, e.g. a cryogenic lab, a clean room, computing centres, and mechanical and electronic workshops. In addition, due to its participation in large experiments, it has access to special infrastructure, such as CERN, Fermilab, Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory, Kitt Peak National Observatory and ISS (International Space Station).

Moreover, the CIEMAT-FP Unit is strongly committed to education & training and outreach activities. It is actively involved in all stages of a researcher education, from the undergraduate level and master studies to PhD level and post-doctoral training. Furthermore, it is regularly showing on the Media and organizing activities for high school students and teachers, as well as the general public.

Key Facts of Particle Physics Unit at the Centre for Energy, Technology and Environmental Research (CIEMAT – FP)

199 Articles
Published in 2016, of which 83% in the first quartile and 72% in the first decile.
62 Presentations
Number of participations in national and international conferences, in 2016.
1.9 Million €
Public funds obtained in 2016 from international, national and regional competitive calls.
55 Talks
5,000 high-school students reached in 2016 .
Maria de Maeztu of Excellence award permits us to consolidate and enlarge our research objectives in the study of the Universe fundamental properties.
Nicanor Colino
Scientific Director of CIMAT Particle Physics