Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona (ICCUB)

The Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of  Barcelona (ICCUB) is an interdisciplinary center devoted to fundamental research in cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics. It was created in 2006 as the instrument of the University of Barcelona for the active support of research in these fields, to promote experimental physics and instrument development, enable a significant participation of the University of Barcelona in large international collaborations, and attract highly qualified scientific personnel.

Research at ICCUB is conducted with the aim of answering some of the most intriguing and fundamental questions in Cosmology:

  • What are the origin and fate of the Universe?
  • Which are the ultimate constituents of the Universe?
  • Why does the Universe have its present appearance?

These questions reveal the intimate connection between particle physics and astrophysics and therefore demand a multidisciplinary approach. Research at ICCUB intends to tackle them from the theoretical, observational and experimental viewpoints.

In addition, the institute has a strong technology program aimed at fostering its participation in observational astronomy and particle physics international collaborations. ICCUB research also generates products and technologies transferable to industry and society.

Key Facts of ICCUB

Of a total of 258 articles published in 2016, 85% was published in first quartile journals.
Number of Ph.D. graduates out of a total staff of 166 researchers.
Number of ICREA Reserch Professors at ICCUB.
Number of ERC Grants obtained up to year 2016.

Aside from the obvious financial benefits of the SOMMa program, it also brings a sense of pride to our institute.  The recognition from the SOMMa program has motivated and facilitated even more excellence.

Lluís Garrido

Lluís Garrido

Director at ICCUB

We have definitely felt the added value of the SO-MM program.  It has allowed us to increase activities, courses and international meetings.  We have established a techno week and an ICCUB school and have attracted researchers from around the world.

Josep Maria Paredes

Josep Maria Paredes

Scientific Director at ICCUB

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