Institute of Molecular Science at University of Valencia (ICMOL-UV)

The Institute of Molecular Science (ICMol), located at the Parc Científic de la Universitat de València, was founded in 2000 with the mission of establishing in Valencia a centre of excellence in Molecular Science and Nanoscience.

It produces most of the high impact research papers of the Univ. of Valencia in Chemistry and it is recognised internationally as one of the pioneering centres for the research on molecular science.

The ICMol employs more than 100 scientific researchers and houses the most advanced systems for the preparation, characterisation and study of molecules and molecular materials.

The aims of the Institute are:

  • To design and synthesise molecules and molecular assemblies exhibiting useful physical or chemical properties.
  • To investigate these properties through both experimental and theoretical approaches.
  • To explore the potential applications of these molecules and materials in different areas of current interest (molecular magnetism, molecular electronics, nanotechnology, biotechnology, catalysis...).

Key Facts of ICMOL-UV

Of those, 7 are male, 2 are female.
One ERC Consolidator Grant, 1 ERC Proof of Concept Grant.
Public financing received by ICMOL-UV in 2016.
Number of publications of ICMOL-UV in 2016.

This alliance will help our research structure (ICMol) to join efforts with the other Spanish research structures of excellence with the aim of acting as a united voice to spread our concerns, problems and needs to   our academic and research institutions, as well as to the Spanish System of Science Technology & Innovation, while giving more visibility to the scientific achievements.

Eugenio Coronado

Eugenio Coronado

Scientific Director at ICMOL

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