Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG)

The Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics (CRAG) is an independent research institution located in the area of Barcelona (Spain) and devoted to leading-edge research in plant and farm animal biology, genetics and genomics, with an emphasis in the molecular basis of genetic characters of interest in plants and farm animals and in the applications of molecular approaches for breeding of species important for agriculture and food production.

CRAG brings together basic research groups in plant development, physiology, metabolism and genetics; groups in bioinformatics and genomics working on plants and animals; and applied projects developed together with Agbio, Biotech, and Breeding companies.

Key Facts of CRAG

Percentage of publications in the top 25 % in the field.
Percentage of financing which stems from external, competitive sources.
Percentage of Group Leader positions at CRAG that are occupied by women
Percentage of internation pre-doctoral and post-doctoral fellows, owing to the 2016 Severo Ochoa calls.

The Severo Ochoa programme has served as a springboard to potentiate CRAG as a top-leading international Centre: attracting young talent, improving infrastructures and training, and enhancing our returns to society.

José Luis Riechmann

José Luis Riechmann

Director at CRAG

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