Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona)

IRB Barcelona is a world-class research centre engaged in basic and applied biomedical science. Researchers work across five multidisciplinary programmes, and are supported by a wide range of cutting-edge scientific facilities and services.

The convergence of biology, chemistry, and structural and computational biology is unique at IRB Barcelona and opens a strategic window to gain insight into basic molecular processes in diseases such as cancer and metastasis, diabetes, Alzheimer's and rare disorders.

Key Facts of IRB Barcelona

90.7% in Q1 and 68.7% in D1 journals.
Number of European Research Council grants.
Participation in international research projects and networks.
Active spinoffs stemming from IRB Barcelona.

The Severo Ochoa - Maria de Maeztu brand should serve as a seal of quality to inspire philanthropy and support for science, with the guarantee that donations will be put to good use.

Joan Guinovart, Director at IRB Barcelona

Joan Guinovart

Director at IRB Barcelona

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