4-year PhD position (FPI) in understanding 4D organogenesis

Application deadline:

PlantDynamics lab is looking for a talented graduate student to join an international team that aims to understand organ form in 4D using both experimental and computer modeling approaches. The lab combines computer simulations, synthetic biology and microfluidics to study and understand how plant signaling circuits operate in time and space to rebuild plant architecture. A suitable candidate must have experience in basic laboratory techniques, microscopy and preferably experience with computational models and imaging techniques in biology, and very good English language skills. She or he will be responsible for the development of pipelines and detailed analysis of experimental measurements from time lapse live cell imaging using state-of-the-arts computational methods. A suitable candidate with be asked to formally apply through FPI open call. The anticipated start date is the May/June 2021. To express your interest please send us your CV and describe what motivates you to do science, at latest by 20th September 2020. Contact: Dr. Krzysztof Wabnik (plantdynamicslab@gmail.com)