INPhINIT 2020 Incoming Fellowship: "Engines of modern astrophysics: massive stars."

Application deadline:

This research project studies massive stars, counted among the most active agents of the Universe. In life and death, they inject vast amounts of ionizing flux and kinetic energy into the interstellar medium, they can trigger the formation of new generations of stars or destroy planetary systems, and are responsible for the production of most Oxygen and Phosphorous in the Universe, key elements for life. The successful applicant will be trained to observe massive stars, extract data products, and analyze massive stars with the state-of-the-art codes CMFGEN and FASTWIND. Then he or she may choose to join one or more of our research lines: Massive stars in the Milky Way, infrared (IR) spectroscopy / Extremely metal-poor massive stars / Physics of massive stars. The three research lines target massive stars in single and binary systems in all their life-stages to understand their physical properties and draw their sequence of evolution. The ultimate goal is to assess their impact on the host galaxy and achieve a better understanding of the massive stars that produce the highly energetic phenomena we detect outside the Milky Way. Contact: Dr. Francisco Najarro. E-mail: