PhD Candidate - Industrial doctorate in IMDEA & HP in 3D printing of metals by Metal Jet

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HP Printing and Computing Solutions S.L.U. (hereafter termed HP) has newly released Metal Jet, a novel 3D printing technology for mass production, which is revolutionizing binder jetting methods, as it allows to fabricate large parts with structural consistency in a short time and at a reduced cost. The technology was publicly announced at the IMTS trade show in September 2018. 3D Metal Jet produces high-quality parts with no residual stresses and no crystallographic texture, which are major drawbacks of AM laser-based techniques; it also allows more freedom in the production of complex geometry parts in comparison to traditional powder metallurgy methods such as metal injection molding (MIM).

HP aims to develop further the Metal Jet technology and the architecture of the 3D Metal Jet printer, in order to achieve still greater speed and lower cost production and thus to make Metal Jet stand even further away from other AM techniques. In particular, there are still several important challenges that must be overcome in order to have the full definition of the Metal Jet processing map for optimal part quality (PQ), which is defined by a high density (>98 %) as well as standard mechanical and dimensional properties that can be comparable to those achieved by MIM of identical alloys.

This Industrial PhD project is a collaborative effort between HP and IMDEA Materials Institute. Both will supervise the research of the PhD candidate who will defend his doctoral thesis at the Carlos III University of Madrid. It aims to establish the relationship between the characteristics of the initial pre-alloyed powder feedstock, the 3D Metal Jet processing parameters, the microstructure of green and sintered parts, and their corresponding PQ. The research will focus on 2 different materials.