Several SOMMa centres and units are well equipped with scientific and technical infrastructures that provide cutting-edge services to their researchers as well as to external users from academy and industry. Moreover, research teams are often willing to share their expertise and know-how either as research collaboration or as contract services




As sciences become increasingly dependent on technology, creating Facilities for shared usage is an excellent approach to exploiting technology to the fullest, to building networks and to integrating expertise - in a cost-effective manner. Facilities are an attractive force for hiring ambitious technology-driven scientists and generating a competitive advantage for all scientists in the institute and even to the research community beyond.

Most SOMMa centres and units of the Life Sciences and the Maths, Experimental Sciences and Engineering areas host state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation, infrastructures and personnel to both assist research groups in their experiments and studies, and work on technology development.

Opportunities for the Industry



To have a positive impact on quality of life is within SOMMa centres and units' missions. In order to achieve this goal centres and units search to collaborate with industry, as it has the power to transform research expertise and results into products and services that can reach society. All centres and units are strongly committed to contribute to the wellness of our society by engaging in mutually beneficial partnerships with industry.

This page is under construction. In the future, we will provide here a catalogue of services and opportunities, and the relevant contacts to access them