High Level Support Team (HLST) – Senior technical engineer (RE1-2-3)

Context And Mission

The Laboratory of Open Computer Architecture (LOCA) at Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims at carrying out research programs in topics from Computer Architecture to System Software to Applications in both traditional HPC and emerging High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA). Our work is mainly done in the context of a Spanish project to foster interdepartmental and international collaboration for the next generation of codesigned HPC systems.

Supercomputers are indispensable tools for solving the most challenging and complex scientific and technological problems through simulations. BSC will host one of the Pre-exascale machines from EuroHPC JU, named MareNostrum5. This supercomputer will have more than 200PFlops sustained, and it will be one of the most powerful Supercomputer machines in the world, joining at the same time accelerated nodes with GPUS, general purpose nodes with the most modern architecture to maximize the code's performance, and the possibility of exploiting an additional cluster with FPGAs.

The open job position will be integrated into the Operations department within the High-level support team. The team will work on applications support for the most relevant projects in Europe, including the improvement of the scalability and performance of selected European scientific applications and tools towards Exascale, Data Analytic and Machine learning as well as code refactoring.

Key Duties

- Optimize and adapt scientific application codes to new pre-exascale architectures and systems.

- Improve the performance of existing parallel codes, improving the serial efficiency and the scalability, changing, if necessary, the code or helping the developers with their required modifications.

- Choose and adapt algorithms and/or mathematical library routines to improve applications to specific computer architectures (accelerators, new programming models, etc.).

- Provide consultancy to scientists on new computer architectures and programming models.

- Generate performance analysis and benchmarks for selected applications and report the results to the applications developers.

- Collaborate with other functional groups at European and International level on technical matters related to supporting scientific application work. 



- PhD in computer science or in any other scientific field but directly related to HPC,

- Bachelor in Computer Science or related discipline and at least 3 years of experience in a similar position working with HPC codes.

Essential Knowledge and Professional Experience

- Experience porting and optimizing applications on UNIX-based systems experience in Fortran, C, MPI, OpenMP, and parallel methods.

- Experience using performance analysis tools, and parallel debuggers.

- Experience supporting and collaborating with external partners.

- Good understanding of Linux environment and Shell scripting.

- Experience working with Parallel programming codes (MPI and OpenMP).

Additional Knowledge and Professional Experience

- Experience in managing big and collaborative projects and experience with git and SVN.

- Experience porting codes to accelerators (GPGPU, FPGA).

- A thorough understanding of high-performance computing architectures.


- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to be able to work within a team to complete tasks on schedule.

- Analytical problem-solving ability.


- The position will be located at BSC within the Computer Sciences Department

- We offer a full-time contract (37.5h/week), a good working environment, a highly stimulating environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, flexible working hours, extensive training plan, restaurant tickets, private health insurance, support to the relocation procedures

- Duration: Open-ended contract due to technical and scientific activities linked to the project and budget duration

- Holidays: 23 paid vacation days plus 24th and 31st of December per our collective agreement

- Salary: we offer a competitive salary commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the candidate and according to the cost of living in Barcelona

- Starting date: inmediate