HPC&IA – Quantum machine learning algorithms

We are looking for a postdoc researcher to explore and develop new machine learning algorithms, both quantum and classical, to study complex properties of quantum matter.

This may include new machine learning algorithms based on tensor networks, quantum computers, and statistical analysis. Applications may include studies of topological quantum matter, and more.

Job Duration*: 3 years

Interested candidates should submit an updated CV and a brief statement of interest to the application email listed above. Reference letters are welcome but not indispensable. The reference of the specific opening to which the candidate is applying should also be stated in the subject line.

This project has been supported by MCIN with funding from European Union NextGenerationEU (PRTR-C17.I1)

*Openings with a duration of more than one year are for a 1-year contract, renewable based on performance and availability of funding.