ICIQ Summer Fellowship Programme – 2024

ICIQ Summer Fellowship Programme offers up to 13 fellowships to national and international undergraduate students to give them the opportunity to learn, work and live in an exciting environment of cutting-edge research in chemistry. Students are welcome to spend a two-month paid internship in one of ICIQ’s research groups during the months of July and August.

These fellowships will be financed by the “Severo Ochoa” Centres of Excellence Program 2019 (MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033, CEX2019-000925-S, 2020-2024).

The undergraduates, mentored and supervised by a PhD student or a postdoctoral researcher, will carry out research projects with scientists at the forefront of their fields in addition to receiving training. During their stay, students will have access to ICIQ seminars and conferences. By the end of their internship, Summer Fellows will be required to present a short report and presentation of the work and results obtained.

This is a great opportunity for undergraduates to have an insight on the Institute research activities and to conduct research in an international scientific environment. Moreover, summer fellows are in an optimal situation to carry out Master studies at ICIQ and then apply for a future PhD position in our institute.

Deadline for applications: March 17th, 2024
Contact: summerfellowships@iciq.es

• The ICIQ Summer Fellowships programme is addressed to undergraduate students with a background in Chemistry, Physics, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Applied Math, Data Science, Biology or other related areas. Applicants with different studies from the above mentioned will not be considered.
• Interested candidates should be preferably in their 3rd and/or last year (or having accomplished 50% of the credits) of their undergraduate studies by the time of accepting the fellowship. Graduate students won’t be eligible for this call.
*Important note: Please take into account that depending on your nationality, you might be required to get a student visa. Therefore, if you are awarded with one of our summer fellowships, please make sure you will have your visa ready before the beginning of the programme on the first week of July.
• The research stays at ICIQ will start on July 1st. ICIQ Summer Fellows will receive a total stipend of 2,000€ for the period of 2 months, from July 1st to August 31st 2024. If a fellows' stay is less than 2 months, the student will receive an amount proportional to their time spent at ICIQ.
o For the beneficiaries of the scholarships who are considered non-residents, article 25 of the TRILNR establishes that the withholding to be practiced in general will be of 24%. However, it will be 19% in the case of taxpayer’s resident in a Member State of the European Union or the European Economic Area.
• Fellows with nationalities outside the EU are required to obtain their own medical insurance for the duration of their stay at ICIQ.
• EU nationals are required to obtain their European Health Insurance card before coming to ICIQ (which is free of charge but must be obtained in your country of origin).

Research groups and their projects
• SF 2024-01 CB Prof. Carles Bo: Extracting knowledge of chemical reaction networks from linked-databases.

• SF 2024-02 AE Prof. Antonio M. Echavarren: Biomimetic catalysis with gold.

• SF 2024-03 JRG Prof. JR Galán-Mascarós: Novel electrocatalysts for the selective oxidation of water to hydrogen peroxide.

• SF 2024-04 AK Prof. Arjan Kleij: Catalysis as a cornerstone for circular biopolymer development.

• SF 2024-05 ALL Prof. Antoni Llobet: Molecular redox catalysts for solar fuels applications.

• SF 2024-06 JLL Prof. Julio Lloret-Fillol: Harnessing Light for Advanced Reductive Cross-Coupling Catalysis.

• SF 2024-07 NL Prof. Núria López: Machine Learning for Materials in Energy.

• SF 2024-08 RM Prof. Ruben Martin: Streamlining the access to macrocyclic structures via functionalization of C-C bonds.

• SF 2024-09 FM Prof. Feliu Maseras: Computational study of energy transfer processes in homogeneous catalysis.

• SF 2024-10 EP Prof. Emilio Palomares: Materials for Energy.

• SF 2024-11 MH Prof. Mónica Pérez-Temprano: Unlocking innovative organic transformations using earth-abundant transition metals.

• SF 2024-12 MGS Prof. Marcos García Suero: Catalytic skeletal editing to impact drug discovery.

• SF 2024-13 KV Dr. Katherine Villa: Development of nanostructured materials for solar fuel generation.

Application process/documents
Interested candidates will be required to complete the application form and submit the following documents:
• Letter of motivation: Please express your interest in joining ICIQ this Summer. Please indicate also your availability of dates to start and finish your Summer stage at ICIQ.
• CV
• Academic record: transcript of records since the beginning of Bachelor, showing the programme, the university, the dates, the credits in each course, grades (and corresponding scale), and average if available. For academic records not issued in Catalan, Spanish or English, a certified translation in one of the above-mentioned languages should be provided,
• Only applications received online via ICIQ’s Career Portal will be considered https://careers.iciq.org/.
Please complete the application form and submit the documents required as an attachment.
NOTE: Although applicants can select up to two ICIQ research groups, the first option will be always prioritized for the selection process.

Selection and Evaluation process
Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by an internal committee. By April 2024, we will contact all candidates to let them know whether they have been awarded with one of ICIQ's Summer fellowships. After acceptance by all successful candidates, a final list of the awardees will be available in ICIQ's website by the end of April. In order to be admitted as a Summer Fellow, candidates must start at ICIQ during the first week of July 2024, preferably by July 1st.