Innovation Officer for EU Projects

Context And Mission

Reporting to the head of the BSC Project Innovation Management Unit, the BSC EU Project Innovation Officer will facilitate the exploitation of BSC’s EU research projects.

Key Duties

- Participate, prepare and execute exploitation tasks in Horizon Europe projects or similar, during whole life-cycle from proposal to execution and closing (including work package and task design, Impact, IPR management, exploitation strategy, market analysis, sustainability plans, etc.).
- Work with Principal Investigators, Project Partners and the BSC TTO in order to identify all the IP related to projects and define the most appropriate protection mechanisms (including patents, open source licensing, etc) in line with Project Exploitation Strategy.
- Contribute to the consolidation and growth of BSC's Project Innovation Management Unit unit by sharing best practices, processes, guidelines, training and mentoring.
- Responsibilities:
- Follow the development of exploitable technologies being developed in BSC's projects, participate in project exploitation tasks and committees.
- Identification and management of IP related to projects
- Elaboration of the necessary project deliverables in due time, including Exploitation plans, Market analysis, Sustainability, etc
- Interface with all relevant project stakeholders, including partners, principal investigators, internal BSC teams, EU commission reviewers, etc
- Attend and prepare the necessary meetings, telcos, F2F meetings, reviews, relevant networking events and tradeshows, etc.
- Support and manage Industrial and Experts Advisory Boards, Focus Groups, or any external project bodies.
- Contribute to project proposals, including the impact and implementation sections of EU projects and proposals for technology transfer calls.
- Support and help principal investigator and rest of the partners in the realization of exploitation activities,
- Contribute towards the sustainable use project results after the end of the projects
- Contribute to the general knowledge of Project Innovation Management Unit (PIMU) - by sharing best practices, processes, etc.