INVITATION TO APPLY POST DOCTORAL POSITION (F. La Caixa – Junior Leader Postdoctoral Fellowships – Incoming 2024) AT ISGLOBAL (SPAIN)

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) is a cutting-edge institute addressing global public health challenges through research, translation into policy and education. ISGlobal has a broad portfolio in communicable and non-communicable diseases including environmental and climate determinants, and applies a multidisciplinary scientific approach ranging from the molecular to the population level. Research is organized in three main areas, Malaria and other Infectious Diseases, Child and Maternal Health, and Urban Health, Climate & Non-Communicable Diseases. ISGlobal is accredited with the Severo Ochoa distinction, a seal of excellence of the Spanish Science Ministry.


What We Are Looking for:
ISGlobal is seeking a candidate to apply for the F. La Caixa – Junior Leader Postdoctoral Fellowship – Incoming within the Biomedical Data Science team, under the supervision of Dr. Paula Petrone, with the vision of leveraging data analytics and artificial intelligence to improve healthcare outcomes. This is a unique opportunity for a motivated data scientist to contribute to the digital transformation of biomedicine and carry out research that has a social impact and responds to unmet medical needs.
The postdoctoral researcher will develop novel research that applies advanced computer vision, spatial statistics, machine learning, and deep learning to various different imaging modalities. An ambition of this team is to implement predictive modeling as well as explainable AI methods to understand disease drivers leading to early disease diagnosis and the discovery of novel digital biomarkers. ISGlobal offers training workshops where the postdoctoral fellow will be able to develop technical and interpersonal skills which are important for a successful career. The Biomedical Data Science Team fosters team diversity and encourages the application of candidates from different backgrounds and genders.
Previous experience in the computer vision or deep learning fields is highly desirable. Alternatively, individuals with experience in natural language processing, large language models, and their application to biomedical research are encouraged to apply. Interest is additionally expressed for candidates with demonstrated experience in the biomedical field.
Candidates must fulfill the eligibility requirements to apply for the current Junior Leader Postdoctoral Fellowship open call.

Research Fields:
Biological sciences
Computer science
Environmental science
Ethics in health sciences
Medical sciences
Pharmacological sciences

Mandatory requirements:
- Any nationality

- Doctoral degree 2 to 7 years prior to the deadline for applications (between 05 October 2016 and 05 October 2021).
Should an applicant hold more than one doctoral degree, the above-mentioned period will be counted from the first degree earned.
Researchers are expected to have experience in data science and programming.
Please take into account that these fellowships are for “Excellent researchers”, which implies a record and an exceptional résumé.

How to Apply:

Potential candidates must fill in the request form and include the following code reference position: PD_FLaCaixa_Junior_Leader_Incoming_Jul23.
Candidates must also send a CV (standard academic and research record including, if applicable):

Publications in major, peer-reviewed conference proceedings and/or monographs of their respective research fields, indicating also the number of citations (excluding self-citations) they have attracted.
Granted patent(s).
Research monographs chapters in collective volumes and any translations thereof.
Invited presentations to peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences and/or international advanced schools.
Research expeditions that the Experienced Researcher has led.
Organization of International conferences in the field of the applicant (membership in the steering and/or programme committee).
Examples of participation in industrial innovation.
Prizes and Awards.
Funding received so far.
Supervising, mentoring activities.
Contact details (address, email etc.)
Please, if you have any query or question write directly to

Programme Description:
- Number of awards per year: 25
- Frequency of calls: ANNUAL
- International mobility required?: Yes
- Website of Fellowship Programme:

Fellowship's Details:

- Career Stage:Postdoc
- Research Profiles:Data science, bioengineering, computer vision, biomedicine, epidemiology, computer science, neuroscience.
- Employment contract with full social security: yes
- Currency:euro
- Covers salary:yes
- Covers travel and subsistence:yes
- Covers research costs:yes
- Maximum duration of fellowship: 3 years