IRB Barcelona International PhD programme 2024: on TARGET for high-impact biomedicine

Co-funded by the European Union's Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Work Programme under grant agreement No. 101126676, IRB-TARGET PhD programme is offering 5 four-year fellowships for the academic year 2024-2025 for researchers interested in carrying out their PhD projects.

IRB-TARGET is aimed at talented young researchers wishing to undertake their PhD theses in one of its 28 state-of-the-art laboratories that tackle cutting-edge topics in cancer/metastasis, ageing and cell reprogramming, metabolism, cell differentiation, and genomics, among others. In the context of inter- and multi-disciplinary collaboration between groups, countries (more than 100 international collaborations) and sectors (academy, industry or hospitals), IRB-TARGET offers customized training and ample career development opportunities. This innovative training programme stands out for fostering much valued secondments and other initiatives aimed at strengthening the career prospects of doctoral candidates.

IRB-TARGET offers:

- Exceptional working and employment conditions, with salaries that are significantly above the national standards.
- Excellent supervision and mentoring arrangements by highly experienced Group Leaders and external researchers from both the academic and the non-academic sectors.
- Access to top-notch laboratories carrying out Multidisciplinary Research at the interface between chemistry, biology and medicine.
- Exposure to an international and intersectoral environment and access to a vast network of international collaborators, companies and hospitals.
- Personalised doctoral training itinerary composed of several mandatory and optional components, categorised under research, training, and engagement, that fellows will complete to complement their research work (required dedication of 200 hours).
- Mandatory research stay or secondment as part of the doctoral training itinerary (research laboratory, industry or hospital).
- Integration of the Personalised Career Development Plan into the supervision structure and the harmonization of the research and career development objectives through a holistic training approach that incorporates specialised support from HFP.
- Free language courses (Catalan, Spanish & English) provided onsite and free of charge.
- Vibrant social activities, such as monthly "Cool-off sessions", where members meet informally for drinks, snacks and scientific discussions in the cafeteria, the Football League and the annual skiing trip.
- A healthy culture that promotes and facilitates well-being as an integral part of the institution’s identity.
- Relocation & Visa Assistance by trained staff in the Human Resources Department, and personalized welcome support with peer-to-peer mentoring.

Applications can be made online at:

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