Junior Developer DOM (RE1)

The Workflows and Distributed Computing Group at BSC is looking for a junior developer willing to work on the internals of dataClay, an open-source object-based storage platform. dataClay is a distributed platform aimed at storing, sharing and processing huge amounts of data. A distinguishing feature of this platform is that, from the point of view of the applications, data is stored and managed in the form of objects, which include both the data as well as the methods that manipulate it. In this way, dataClay is able to perform different optimizations to increase the performance of applications using these objects. The objective of this position is to participate in the definition and implementation of the platform, mostly within the framework of ICOS, an international collaboration research project.

The main objective of ICOS is to design, develop and validate a meta operating system for the IoT-edge-cloud continuum, by addressing the challenges of:
• Devices volatility and heterogeneity, continuum infrastructure virtualization and diverse network connectivity.
• Optimized and scalable service execution and performance, as well as resources consumption, including power consumption.
• Guaranteed trust, security and privacy.
• Reduction of integration costs and effective mitigation of cloud provider lock-in effects, in a data-driven system built upon the principles of openness, adaptability, data sharing and a future edge market scenario for services and data.