Junior Research Engineer – NLP for Biomedical Information Analysis (RE1)

Context And Mission

The Natural Language Processing for Biomedical Information Analysis (NLP4BIA) group at BSC is an internationally renowned research group working on the development of NLP, language technology, and text-mining solutions applied primarily to biomedical and clinical data. It is a highly interdisciplinary team, funded through competitive European and National projects requiring the implementation of natural language processing and advanced AI solutions making use of diverse technologies, including Transformers and recent advances in Large Language Models (LLM) to improve healthcare data analysis.
The NLP4BIA group at BSC is looking for a Software/Data Engineer or Full Stack Developer with an interest in learning technical aspects of Natural Language Processing, AI, and Language Models. The ideal candidate will be responsible for advancing a cutting-edge NLP platform, leveraging the use of state-of-the-art language technologies and NLP resources. This role involves collaboration with hospitals, research teams, and experts on both national and international scales to drive innovation in the field.

Key Duties

- Software Development: Create backend, frontend, and web services, along with web-based demos for NLP tools.
- NLP platform Integration: Integrate existing NLP components into the CogStack platform for processing clinical and biomedical content.
- Data Processing and Ingestion: Develop scripts for the ingestion, cleaning, and formatting of text data to make it appropriate for neural architectures.
- Data Management: Organize and maintain data repositories in alignment with group and project requirements.
- Documentation and Reporting: Create technical reports and project documentation in both English and Spanish.
- Automated Data Annotation: Use existing state-of-the-art NLP tools to annotate data, improving operational efficiency autonomously.
-In this role, the candidate will closely collaborate with AI/NLP experts of the team to define the technical requirements for running and deploying NLP components. You'll collaborate with them in writing research proposals and contributing to research scientific papers. Furthermore, your duties will include working with external teams to provide technical support related to tools used for data annotation and platform deployment, ensuring seamless project execution and interdisciplinary collaboration.


- Education
A university degree in computer science, statistics, data science, physics, bioinformatics, telecommunications, electrical engineering, or an equivalent field.
- Essential Knowledge and Professional Experience
Experience using Elastic Stack components (ElasticSearch, Kibana, etc.).
Experience using PostgreSQL, neo4j, and Jupyter Hub (and technical capacity to handle Tika Library and the Apache-Nifi framework).
Experience in software resource/tool development or management for instance, GitHub / GitHub projects.
Proficiency in both backend and front-end solution development.
Experience in creating web services.
Strong interest in learning and applying NLP tools, language models, and deep learning/AI solutions.
Proficiency in tools and skills related to bash, Docker, Kubernetes, unit testing.
- Additional Knowledge and Professional Experience
Good programming skills in one of the following languages: mainly Python, while knowledge of React Vue.js would be beneficial but not mandatory, the same applies to Java, Python, C++, Scala, or R.
Excellent communication and presentation skills.
Strong technical writing skills.
Ability to work effectively both autonomously and as part of an interdisciplinary team.
Comfortable working under pressure and meeting strict deadlines.
Proactive working style.


- The position will be located at BSC within the Life Sciences Department
- We offer a full-time contract (37.5h/week), a good working environment, a highly stimulating environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, flexible working hours, extensive training plan, restaurant tickets, private health insurance, support to the relocation procedures
- Duration: Open-ended contract due to technical and scientific activities linked to the project and budget duration
- Holidays: 23 paid vacation days plus 24th and 31st of December per our collective agreement
- Salary: we offer a competitive salary commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the candidate and according to the cost of living in Barcelona