Laboratory Technician (ref. LAB/23/12)

IRB Barcelona is seeking a Lab Technician to join the Signalling and Cell Cycle Laboratory led by Dr. Angel R. Nebreda. The laboratory investigates molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis and chemotherapy resistance using a combination of mouse models, cell cultures and biochemical approaches.

The candidate will work in collaboration with several researchers of the group to design and perform experiments with mice, mostly related to tumor development and chemotherapy treatments, and will also perform genotyping. This position will cover a maternity leave and the estimated length of the contract will be initially 5 months.

- Perform experiments with mice, including implantation of cancer cells, administration of chemical compounds, analysis of tumor growth, dissection of tissues and tumors, necropsies. Genotype and manage genetically modified mouse colonies.

- Contribute to other experiments using molecular and cellular biology techniques.

- Participate in maintenance and general organization of the laboratory, preparation of stock solutions, etc.

- Prepare written reports and presentations with the experimental results