LABORATORY TECHNICIAN to work on Biomedical Engineering and Nanomedicine

The Nanomedicine research group works on the interface of materials science, micro- nanotechnology and biology, with the aim to create tiny tools which serve either to assess biological samples at the molecular or celular level, or to use them as minimally-invasive diagnosis and therapeutical tools for in vivo medical applications. Our experimental methods include lithography, electrodeposition, micromolding, microfluidic-assisted fabrication, electrochemical characterization, fluorescence microscopy, and photoacoustic imaging, among others. We are now searching for a laboratory technician with vocational training or degree in biology, biochemistry, or related fields. As a laboratory technician, the candidate would play a crucial role in supporting the center's research activities and experiments. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who is passionate about biology and would like to contribute to groundbreaking scientific discoveries.
The prospective candidate should bring high motivation for research and technology and excellent communication and organizational skills. The candidate should be fluent in Spanish and English and would be expected to be interested in teaching and learning in a dynamic and international environment.

We will value:
• experience on cell culture, including tumour spheroids and organoids
• knowledge on biochemistry
• working experience in a chemistry and biology laboratory
• experience with various fluorescence microscopy tools, confocal microscopy, and spectrophometry
• experience with histological sample preparation
• animal handling experience would be a plus

The responsibilities of the post will be:
• laboratory organization
• maintenance of experimental equipment and user training
• sample preparation and characterization
• equipment and consumables purchase
• nanoGUNE’s biosafety coordination
• cell culture facilities

We promote teamwork in a diverse and inclusive environment, and we welcome applicants without regard to disability, gender, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
Candidates should apply by completing the form and attaching a complete CV on

The deadline for applications is 31/10/2023.