Post-doctoral researcher at the Nanobioelec Research Group (PD_GG)

Introduction to the vacant position:

The Nanobioelec Group ( is looking for a Post-doctoral Researcher to work in the development of a novel all-protein electronics technology (PROTEONICS) within the framework of the EIC-Pathfinder European Project PRINGLE ( The objective of the project is to design a new class of protein materials with tuned electronic properties and test their integration into electronic devices, that will provide unrivalled biodegradable, biocompatible and biosensing functionality.

Specifically, the post-doctoral researcher is expected to developed novel methods to probe the mechanical and electrical properties of conducting nanofibers from cable bacteria by means of Scanning Probe Microscopy, and to contribute developing novel bioelectronic devices based on these novel biomaterials.

More information on the properties of conducting nanofibers from cable bacteria can be found in:

-H. T. S. Boschker et al., Efficient long-range conduction in cable bacteria through nickel protein wires. Nature Communications 12, 3996 (2021).