Postdoc at the Pluripotency for organ regeneration Research Group (REACT)

Introduction to the vacant position:

The Pluripotency for organ regeneration Group is looking for a Postdoc to develop his/her project on the development of organoid platforms to study host-pathogen interactions. The contract will be within the framework of the “REACT – Respiratory Host-Pathogen Interaction” project (financed by the European Commission), Ref. 101057129.

The successful candidate will develop research involving:

-Generation and characterization of epithelial organoids
-Development and implementation of a microfluidic platform to study cell-to-cell and organoid-to-organoid cross-talk in control conditions and disease-like conditions.
-Scientific dissemination tasks (preparation and publication of dissemination material for REACT website and social networks, participation in the organization of REACT scientific conferences, conducting seminars, etc).

Requirements for candidates:

-PhD in biology, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, or similar areas
-Previous expertise in stem cell culture is mandatory
-Previous expertise in the derivation of organoids is mandatory
-Previous expertise in the characterization of organoids by conventional techniques is mandatory (RT-qPCR, immunohistochemistry, western blot).
-Previous expertise in genome editing will be a plus.
-Previous expertise in microfabrication techniques will be a plus
-Previous experience in confocal microscopy analysis will be a plus.
-Competencies and skills: Excellent communication and teamworking skills, proactivity, commitment, critical and analytical thinking
-High level of English