Postdoctoral Fellow in Analysis of discrete equations and in graphs

The Basque Center for Applied Mathematics is
launching one Postdoctoral position of 2 years, to work
in the area of harmonic analysis of discrete equations
and in graphs.
The candidate is expected to work on a project on equations
in lattices and in general in related topics within Harmonic
Analysis and Partial Differential Equations, funded by AEI
within the call "Incentivación de la consolidación
investigadora 2023.
We are looking for a researcher up to 3 years of experience,
PhD degree in Mathematics completed before the contract
starts, and expertise connected to the research interests of
the group in Analysis and Partial Differential Equations
(APDE), in particular Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential
Equations and related topics.
The position is for a postdoctoral contract of two years at the
Basque Center of Applied Mathematics, under the
supervision of of Ikerbasque Research Associate and
Ramón y Cajal Fellow Luz Roncal.