Postdoctoral Fellow on Robust multioutput supervised learning

Topics: The reserarcher will be responsible of developing new
algorithms and methodologies, as well as implementing such
algorithms together with others from the state of the art. The
methods obtained will be tested using multiple publicly
available datasets in comparision with several benchmark

PI in charge: Santiago Mazuelas

Salary and conditions: The gross annual salary of the Fellowship will be
29.120€ - 35.360€ according to experience.
It will then be on your own responsibility to make
your yearly income declaration at the Bizkaia
Treasury Agency.
Additionally, we offer a moving allowance up to
Should the researcher have a family at the time of
1. 2.000€ gross in a single payment
will be offered (you must be
married-official register or with
children and the certificate to
prove it must be sent).
2. 1.200€ gross per year/per child
(up to 2 children) will be offered
(the certificate to prove it must be

Contract and offer: 1 + 1 years

Deadline: 1st December 2023, 14:00 CET
How to apply: Applications must be submitted on-line at:

Scientific Profile Requested
Requirements: Promising young researchers.
Applicants must have their PhD completed before the
contract starts.
PhD degree preferable in Statistics, Computer Science,
Mathematics or related fields.
Skills and track-record: Good interpersonal skills.
A proven track record in quality research, as evidenced by
research publications in top scientific journals and
Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of
a collaborative research team.
Ability to present and publish research outcomes in spoken
(talks) and written (papers) form.
Ability to effectively communicate and present research
ideas to researchers and stakeholders with different
Fluency in spoken and written English.

Scientific Profile: Strong background in mathematics/ probability/statistics.
Background in statistical modelling and inference.
Solid programming skills in python and/or matlab.
Application and Selection Process

Formal Requirements: The selected candidate must have applied before the
application deadline online at the webpage
The candidates that do not fulfil the mandatory
requirements will not be evaluated with respect to their
scientific profile. Additional documents could be
requested during the evaluation process so as to check
this fulfilment.

Application: Required documents:
§ CV
§ Letter of interest
§ 2 recommendation letters
§ Statement of past and proposed future research
(2-3 pages)

Evaluation: Based on the provided application documents of each
candidate, the evaluation committee will evaluate
qualitatively: the adaption of the previous training and
career to the profile offered, the recommendation letters,
the main results achieved (papers, proceedings, etc.), the
statement of past and proposed future research and other
merits; taking in account the alignment of these items to
the topic offered.