Postdoctoral Researcher at the Biosensors for Bioengineering Research Group

Introduction to the vacant position:

The Biosensors for Bioengineering Group is looking for a postdoctoral candidate to participate in a multidisciplinary team and to support the research work on the development of optical plasmonic biosensors integrated with organs-on-chip technology. The research will be conducted in the framework of a Pathfinder EU project in collaboration with companies and other research groups.

Main tasks and responsibilities / The successful candidate will develop research involving:

Led a team of researchers focused on developing plasmonic biosensors and their integration with organs-on-a-chip technology.
Fabrication of new metaplasmonic metal surfaces with different protocols already developed in the research team and work on improving the protocols to adapt them for implementing localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) transduction technology.
Characterization of the biosensors and Integration in line in microfluidic devices with 3D engineered tissues to perform in-line monitoring of different relevant biomarkers.