PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP OPPORTUNITY – Central Nervous System Development, Disease, and Regeneration.

The Lab of Human Modeling of Neurological Disorders (Neurodevelopmental Disorders Group at Institut de Neurociències, University of Barcelona) directed by Alberto Ortega PhD, is seeking for an outstanding predoctoral candidate.

The broad objective of the project is to decipher the effect of microenvironment perturbations during the human cerebral cortex development and the implement of biomimetic strategies for driving neural development and regeneration. We employ biochemical coupled to high-throughput approaches to identify proteomic changes in the fetal and adult human and mouse brain. By identifying changes in these scenarios, we aim to elucidate evolutive and age-dependent changes in the cerebral cortex and how they can modulate the generation and functional maturation of neural cells. We next aim to recreate these key microenvironment changes in vitro by implementing them into new biomaterial-based platforms, in order to improve human stem cell-based models of development and disease which have an enormous potential for the study of multiple neurological disorders and the design of new therapeutic strategies. The lab utilizes both rodent animal models as well as stem cells and direct reprogramming methods to study different neural subtypes of the human central nervous system along with proteomic and functional physiological assays. The candidate will join a dynamic team that close interact with other developmental biology, stem cell biology, electrophysiology, computational and biotechnology labs at national and international institutions.

We are seeking a candidate in possession or be completing a Graduate in Health Science related degrees including Biomedicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biology, Pharmacology as well as Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry or Bioinformatics. Academic record with an average grade equal to or greater than 8. The candidate should have good interpersonal skills, be able to carry out inter-dependent research activities within multiple and international teams, enjoy challenging experimental work and be willing to develop new projects. Expertise in any of the following approaches is desirable: cell culture techniques, bioinformatics, neurobiology as well as good command of written and spoken English.

The University of Barcelona is one of Spain’s top research universities. According to the Ibero-American SIR Ranking, it generates more scientific output than any other Spanish university. It ranks second in the country in terms of number of publications, after the Spanish National Research Council. The candidates will work at the University of Barcelona Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Specifically, Alberto Ortega’s lab is located at Campus de Bellvitge, which is composed of a set of spaces for teaching and research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The hosting group will be part of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), one of the three major research foundations at University of Barcelona. Bellvitge Campus is located at the south exit of Barcelona in the city of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and very close to the Barcelona airport. It is a campus easily accessible by public transport and through the main roads of Barcelona.

Applications should be sent at latest by January 19th to with the subject “Predoctoral job application”, and a single .pdf file as attachment with: (1) 1 page cover letter describing previous lab research experience and what motivates you to work in this project. (2) a full CV

- Proteomic characterization of the human cerebral cortex microenvironments during development: evolutionary and clinical relevance. MICINN. PID2020-114407RA-I00.
- Advancing in the research of traumatic injuries and neurodegeneration of the nervous system. MICINN. CNS2023144820.
- Defining the contribution of ALS-associated alterations in motor neuron microenvironment to disease pathogenesis. AFM-Telethon. 25060.