Ref. 41-2023 Specialized Laboratory Technician at Cancer Genomics Laboratory

VHIO’s Cancer Genomics Group serves as a Core Technology laboratory. In addition, we are dedicated to translational research as well as novel genomic test development. We provide cutting-edge applications in cancer genomics through state-of-the-art technologies and the development of novel, fully validated tests that are used in the clinical research setting (Prescreening Program). The lab is equipped with an n-Counter (Nanostring) platform, two digital PCR platforms (BEAMing, Sysmex and ddPCR, BIO-RAD) and four NextGen Sequencers; MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq2500 and NovaSeq 6000, Illumina.

We provide cutting-edge applications in cancer genomics through state-of-the-art technologies and, importantly, the development of novel, fully validated tests. Our novel genomic tests provide an important added value to our activity as a facility and research group, and to VHIO as a whole, enabling routine patient testing in the clinical research setting (Prescreening Program) as well as in translational research.
VHIO’s Prescreening Program is a transversal program, nucleated around the activity of two VHIO groups – the Molecular Oncology (led by Paolo Nuciforo) and Cancer Genomics labs, performing routine molecular profiling in over 1500 patients per year. Patients included in the program are candidates for enrollment in Phase I clinical trials carried out at the Research Unit for Molecular Therapy of Cancer (UITM) – “la Caixa”, led by Elena Garralda. Patients’ suitability for inclusion in any given clinical trial is decided taking into account their respective genomic or pathologic profile.

The Cancer Genomics Lab has developed and implemented several tests during the last 10 years that have been in use in the Prescreening Program routine. Tests for DNA profiling in tissue are NGS-based: an Amplicon-seq hotspot panel to sequence 67 genes (developed back in 2012) and a custom 435-gene hybrid capture panel (VHIO-300, developed in 2018), and an nCounter (Nanostring) panel for RNA gene fusion detection (with the capacity of detecting over 100 recurrent gene fusions) and perform gene expression profiling.

As a reflection of our dedication to excellence and quality in the services we provide, both NGS-DNA based tests have been accredited according to the UNE-EN ISO 15189 quality system, that specifies requirements for quality and competence in medical laboratories. In recognition to our track, VHIO-300’s UNE-EN ISO 15189 accreditation was awarded in its flexible version, allowing us to include new analytes directly in the accredited test (following a standard operating procedure).

In 2022, we completed the technical transfer of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved Guardant360® CDx liquid biopsy test for comprehensive genomic profiling. Our lab is the first cancer research center in Europe to have a laboratory equipped with this cutting-edge platform.

We are seeking a motivated laboratory technician to work in wetlab tasks: nucleic acid extraction of fresh/frozen, plasma and FFPE samples, library preparation for NGS (Illumina-based), ddPCR, qPCR and RT-qPCR, etc. as well as assisting in the development of new applications in NGS for molecular profiling of cancer patients.