Ref. 45-2023 High-Tech Equipment Platform Manager

Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) is seeking an experienced person to manage the research centre's new high-tech platform in the field of high-throughput microscopy and single cell analysis.

The main duties for this position are:
• Interact with the research groups of the institution, the Internal Scientific Committee and the different management areas at VHIO to implement strategic actions in the area of high-tech equipment.
• Develop a high-tech equipment use plan and manage the correct functioning and maintenance of the platform equipment.
• Develop access policies and monitor the equipment usage through periodic reports to guarantee resource optimization and identify new needs.
• Organise regular training courses on equipment that may of interest to VHIO researchers in coordination with the VHIO Academy unit.
• Present the platform's equipment to new incorporations.
• Promote and establish collaborations with other research entities and/or consortiums that facilitate VHIO’s researchers access to other technologies/services.