Research Officer for the Histopathology Core Facility (ref. CF/22/07)

IRB Barcelona is seeking a motivated scientific biomedical professional (veterinarian, biologist, biotechnologist or from a similar area of knowledge) with proven skills microscopy, image analysis and histomolecular techniques to cover a position in the Histopathology Facility.

This contract will be financed with funds from the State Research Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation - State Program for the Promotion of Scientific and Technical Research of Excellence - Severo Ochoa Centers of Excellence CEX2019-000913-S.

This position is a temporary position to cover a maternity/paternity leave, expected to last a period of 6 months.

- Computerized pathology: Use of diferent open-sources and commercial digital imatge solutions to support quantitative histopathological analysis of experimental models of human disease.
- Development and reporting tissue-based assays of Immunohistochemistry (IHC), immunofluorescence (IF), and multiplex IHC and IF and in-situ hybridization techniques (FISH).