Research technician– iMAP Project

We are looking for a person to arrange and interview the study participants, set the study devices, download and introduce the data into a dataset.

Specific Duties:
Arranging the participant’s visits
Preparation of the devices for the study measurements.
Interviews with the participants
Data entry and data transfer.
Carrying out cleaning, quality control, and documentation of the databases used.
Participating in the logistics required by the study.

Auxiliar task:
This job description reflects the present requirements of the post but may evolve at any time in the future as duties and responsibilities change and/or develop providing there is appropriate consultation with the post-holder.

This job description is not a definitive or exhaustive list of responsibilities but identifies the key responsibilities and tasks of the post holder. The specific objectives of the post holder will be subject to review as part of the individual professional assessment process.

Training and experience /Qualifications:
Previous experience in research studies, interviewing study participants, data collection and/or database processing will be valued, as well as knowledge in environmental epidemiology.

Specific Requirements:
We are looking for a person with high communication skills, as well as a professional attitude towards study participants, with attention to details. Moreover, we are looking for a person with high organization and teamwork skills, capable of working autonomously, proactively and motivated, with good verbal and written communication. Flexibility of schedules will be valued.