Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) Technician – InCAEM platform

We are currently looking for a technician in Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM). The position is funded by the ICMAB with the Infrastructure for Correlative Analysis of Energy Materials (InCAEM) project, within the Advanced Materials program of the “Planes Complementarios de I+D+I of the Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia” (PRTR), under Institutional Agreement.

The group has recently acquired two Park FX40 multipurpose atomic force microscopes (mp-AFMs), which are part of a SPM platform to be installed in a dedicated laboratory at the ALBA facility. The objective of the SPM platform of InCAEM is to offer a wide range of correlative advanced characterization of materials by means of a variety of operation modes and under different operation environments. The high flexibility of the mp-AFM will permit correlative experiments with specific beamlines of the synchrotron ALBA.

Main Tasks and responsibilities:

– Participating in the installation of the mp-AFMs and supplies systems.
– Commissioning of the instruments, including one inside a GloveBox (MBraun).
– Testing the different operation modes under diverse environmental conditions to assure full functionality.
– Adapting and optimizing user-friendly operation protocols.
– Preliminary tests and correlative experiments with ALBA beamlines.


The hired person will have the unique opportunity to carry out her/his job in the scientific active and lively environment of ICMAB and the synchrotron ALBA. During the first period, she/he will acquire the knowledge to master state-of-the-art techniques for organic thin films growth and novel characterization instruments with the purpose of performing SPM measurements correlated to experiments of diverse X-ray beamlines at ALBA. The collaborative activity at international level will be an unique chance for a professional career.