Senior HPC experts in scientific computation

The Spanish National Cancer Centre (CNIO) is committed to expanding its activities in Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across various areas of cancer research. Over the past few years, CNIO has heavily invested in developing and strengthening -omics technological platforms, deep sequencing technologies, radiomics, pathomics, mass spectrometry, super-resolution microscopy, in vivo imaging, and cryo-electron microscopy, among other advanced technologies. Additionally, CNIO has recently incorporated new Research Groups focused on Bioinformatics and Cancer Genomics. These advancements create significant opportunities for Big Data analysis and the adoption and development of computational solutions across all Research Programmes.
To enhance Computational Science within CNIO, we are searching for two highly experienced Senior High-Performance Computing (HPC) experts specialized in scientific computation optimization and/or data-intensive applications applied to cancer research.