Senior technical leader – co-design activities around RISC-V (CS & App.Dept) (RE2-3)

The Laboratory of Open Computer Architecture (LOCA) at Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims to break through traditional disciplinary silos and lead the research and development of European open software and hardware stacks based on the RISC-V Instruction Set Architecture for Exascale and beyond. This will be done with BSC’s scientific departments to produce highly optimized grand challenge scientific applications in climate modelling, personalized medicine and energy. LOCA spans topics ranging from Computer Architecture to System Software to Applications, in both traditional HPC and emerging High-Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) and is working towards EU autonomy in HPC technologies. BSC is looking for a co-design expert in open software to contribute to this aim.

This is being done with the support of BSC’s Severo Ochoa award for the 2023-26 period, which aims to boost BSC capacities to codesign hardware and software, maximise internal and external synergies, expand international leadership, provide best-practice career development with strong gender actions, and enhance societal engagement and technology transfer. (

Main goal:
Apply domain expertise and support to the application departments focused on the identification and exploitation of tools, mechanisms that can help on the characterization, optimization, and co-design of HPC applications in collaboration with experts on domain-specific scientific applications (Life, Earth, Applied Engineering) and open hardware architectures.