Study of the molecular determinants of nitrogen efficiency for the optimization of yeast involved in beer and wine fermentations.

Our proposal pursues to get novel insights about how yeast cells manage to make an efficient use of nitrogen during wine and beer fermentations, with special attention to nitrogen regulation, amino acids uptake and metabolism of key amino acids. To this end, we will use ground-breaking and cutting-edge technology which will give response to the many questions still open in this issue. We aim to get more adopted yeasts to the new context of nitrogen-limitation and unbalance nitrogen composition in the musts and that the industry has knowledge to make a more rational use of nitrogen nutrition.
- Yeast studies in beer fermentation conditions
- Use os state-of-the-art molecular methods to find nitrogen efficiency determinants
- Non- GMO yeast genetic improvement
Job Description:
- We offer a research contract
- A mentored PhD research project by Drs. R. Pérez Torrado y JM Guillamón
- Apply to National and regional PhD grants.
- It is intended that the person starts before November 2023
- Candidates sends a CV and a short personal motivation statement

Candidate profile: An MSc degree in microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology or similar discipline
Demonstrate high academic achievement and track record motivation.