Up to 8 PhD-positions available within the FLIGHT fellowship program (MSCA-COFUND action).

ICFO offers PhD-fellowship positions to well-qualified graduate students, who wish to obtain a
doctoral degree in any of the research topics covered at ICFO.

The positions are offered in the scope of the FLIGHT Program, a MCSA-COFUND doctoral
program explicitly focused on intersectoral research training in collaboration with Industrial or
Clinical Partners.

Our PhD Fellowship Program welcomes applications from individuals with a degree in a field of
mathematics, science, engineering or medical sciences related to the ICFO research activities.

Recruited Fellows will have a choice of 3 PhD tracks:
▪ Clinical to develop a project in collaboration with one of Clinical Partners
▪ Industrial to develop a project in collaboration with one of Industrial Partners
▪ Enhanced to develop a project with one of ICFO’s Research Groups