Comparative metagenomics and phylogenomics (EoI-CsBGP-01)

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Two main research lines are available: 1) Novel enzyme discovery out of massive metagenomics data using phylogenomic, structural and genomic methods. Metagenomic sequences from multiple microbiome sources (e.g. ocean, gut, soil, etc) lacking functional annotation will be analyzed. Bioinformatic pipelines will be developed to study phylogenetic, syntenic and structural similarities of novel sequences, as well as to infer predictions that can be integrated into metabolic modeling tools. 2) Evolution of gene function in plants and associated organisms. Functional innovations and their ancestral origins will be investigated taking advantage of newly sequenced genomes, transcriptomes and soil/ocean metagenomes. We aim at combining genomic and metagenomic data to trace the gain, loss and evolutionary divergence of functional modules across the whole tree of life, associating those events with phenotypic and ecological information. Particular emphasis will be put in studying cross-kingdom relationships such as plant-microbiome functional dynamics, simbiosys and horizontal gene transfer events.