COMPSs - Neuroplat support engineer (RE1)

Application deadline:

The Computer Sciences (CS) department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims at carrying out research and development to influence the way computing machines are built, programmed and used. The Workflows and Distributed Computing group at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center aims at carrying out research on programming models for distributed computing. More specifically, this group is contributing to the Cluster Emergent del Cervell Humà (CECH) project with the programming model PyCOMPSs/COMPSs. PyCOMPSs/COMPSs ( is a task-based, parallel programming model offered to the project applications as a means to execute them in distributed environments. For this research, the group is looking for a junior developer to implement extensions to the runtime of the COMPSs runtime. In particular, in the context of the CECH project, the group will contribute to the development of a computational platform (Neuroplat) to support the rational design of drugs in the context of neurologic diseases. For this platform, the group also contributes with the Programming Model Execution Service (PMES) which enables the execution of applications in distributed computing platforms.
CECH project (expedient number 001-P-001682) has been co-financed in a 50% with 1.527.637,88€ by the European Union European Regional Development Fund within the Catalonian 2014-2020 Operative Programme FEDER, with the Generalitat de Catalunya Support.