Juan de la Cierva contract 2019

Application deadline:

A candidate to apply to the ‘Juan de la Cierva’ call for postdoctoral contracts is being sought for his/her incorporation to the research Line ‘Viral Nanobiotechnology’, in the CBGP laboratory led by Prof. Fernando Ponz (http://www.cbgp.upm.es/index.php/en/scientific-information/biotechnolog…). Two modalities are possible in this call: a)Candidates with a Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree obtained in the years 2017-2018. A two-year contract. b)Candidates with a Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree obtained in the years 2014-2016. A three-year contract. The ‘Viral Nanobiotechnology’ research line leans on the research carried out in the group along the past years. It exploits the fantastic potential of virus-related particles (virions and virus-like particles or VLPs) for their deployment in biotechnology and nanotechnology. A more detailed general description of the research in the group over the last few years and its published results, can be found in the above mentioned web page. For the near future the nanotech side of the research will focus on two major issues, funded by several grants: The development and deployment of new antimicrobial viral-based nanoparticles, and the viral-based theranostics of food allergens. The selected candidate will also be given the opportunity of getting involved in the biotech of virus-host interactions.

To apply please write to: