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Looking into PhD opportunities in the Developmental Biology field?
Several groups of this unit Decision Making in Cells Collectives Unit (CABD, Sevilla) have 3 PhD funded positions. Deadline for applications is coming up: *October 29th*. Read this post, maybe your next project is here:

*Bioinformatics of organ regeneration*

The Casares and Rojas labs, of the Decision Making in Cells Collectives Unit (CABD, Sevilla), have an open joint PhD position to work on organ regeneration, exploring a new model system. The candidate should be passionate about science and have previous experience in proteogenomics, data analysis and bioinformatics. This is a four-year, fully funded PhD contract to start around the summer of 2019. Deadline for applications is coming up interested candidates, please hurry and send your inquiries to Fernando Casares ( and Ana Rojas (, with a CV and the name and contacts of two references.

*How to prevent epithelial hyperplasia: tissue stiffness, orientation of mitotic spindle and integrins during epithelial morphogenesis and maintenance.*

The Martin-Bermudo and Gonzalez-Reyes labs have an open joint PhD position to study the cellular and genetic mechanisms underlying proper follicular epithelium formation using /Drosophila/ ovaries as model system.
Interested candidates send your inquiries to Lola Martin-Bermudo ( and Acaimo Gonzalez-Reyes (

*Simulation of organ and organoid morphogenesis*

The general goal of the PhD project is to establish and apply advanced computational modelling tools to investigate cellular behaviours and mechanical forces that direct morphogenesis.

The main emphasis of the PhD will be on computational modelling, we aim to complete the training of the student with advanced imaging techniques (both acquisition and processing), basic genetics with teleosts (medaka and zebrafish), and embryoids/organoids culture technologies co-supervised by Dr. Luciano Marcon and Dr. Juan Martinez-Morales, Gene Expression & Morphogenesis Unit ( CABD, Seville. Write now to apply: Luciano Marcon ( or Juan Martinez-Morales (

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