Post-doctoral position in advanced nanophotonics theory and interaction of free electrons with nanophotonics structures

Application deadline:

The successful candidate will be joining the Nanophotonics Theory group led by Prof. Javier García de Abajo. The group has extensive theoretical experience in the fields of Nanophotonics, Electron Microscopy, and Quantum Physics, combining elements of Condensed-Matter Theory, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Optics, Atomic Physics, and Advanced Electromagnetism to predict and explain fundamentally new physical phenomena.

More information and full access to recent publications by the host group can be obtained as This project is part of the Advanced ERC Grant e-Nano held by the group leader. The work carried out by the candidate will be part of a high-impact research project to investigate new spectroscopy techniques involving electron beams and their interactions with light, plasmons, and other materials excitations at the nanoscale.

The candidate will also have the oppotunity to work on projects related to nonreciprocal response of nanophotonic structures, as well as their ultrafast interactions with quantum emitters and free electrons.