SOMMa Centers technology exhibition in Transfiere 2022

The Transfiere Forum closed its 2022 edition with an attendance of more than 3,000 professionals. This figure consolidates the return of the forum to its pre-pandemic dimension in an event that has closed more than 5,000 business meetings and has allowed attendees to exchange experiences and scientific-technological knowledge in its more than 130 activities and thematic panels. More than 370 experts and speakers took part in a day and a half of work.

The Community of Madrid took parted in this edition of Transfiere through the Innovation Space to promote the dissemination and connection between the different regional entities among which are the IMDEA institutes, 3 of them are part of the SOMM alliance, such as NanoscienceMaterials and Energy where different spokespersons presented the technological capabilities of each institute.

Felix Marin, Head of Technology Development and Transfer at IMDEA Energy presented several technology transfer success stories “Our endeavor is that technology reaches society as soon as possible through companies”.

Alberto Bollero researcher from IMDEA Nanoscience present the Passenger project that will finance a sustainable industrial solution that improves Europe’s access to various critical raw materials in technological development

Miguel Ángel Rodiel, Projects & Technology director of IMDEA Materials offered further details about the technology portfolio developed by this regional institute.

Other top technologies presented at Transfiere comes from Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) these are two innovative innovative laser techniques for the advanced fabrication of nanocarbon-based superacapacitors, developed by Project IP Ángel Pérez, ICMAB Researcher from the Laser Processing Group. and which were presented at the forum by ICMAB Knowledge Transfer Officer Alfonso del Rey in the Open Innovation Area, on the Innovative Energy Solutions for Industry.

Fidel Rodríguez, Vice-Minister of Universities, Science and Innovation and Ana Isabel Cremades, DG of Research and Technological Innovation of the Community of Madrid open Innovation Space inaugurated the space.

Lorena Carrillo, SOMMa communication manager was also on site, supporting the IMDEA institutes members of the alliance, and she also participated as a speaker in the AEC2 5th Communication Day sharing with the attendees some communication strategies to promote scientific projects as well as the bet of SOMMa in 2022 for the dissemination of their activities and achievements of all its members.