Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Granada (IMAG)

A María de Maeztu unit since 2020

IMAG is the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Granada, a center dedicated to research, high-level teaching, dissemination and transfer of mathematical results. In operation since 2013, IMAG is officially an Institute of the University of Granada since 2015. Since then, IMAG has been increasing its presence in the international arena, being awarded the María the Maeztu Excellence Seal in 2021. Very recently, IMAG has associated with the Banff International Research Station (BIRS) from Canada, and hosts part of the scientific program of BIRS. IMAG is also one of the driving forces behind the Institute of Mathematics of Andalusia (IAMAT).

IMAG is an instrument for the society, devoted to enhancing and disseminating the knowledge of Mathematics. It promotes research by offering pre-, postdoctoral, and visiting positions, and providing support for conferences, workshops, seminars, colloquia, advanced courses, thematic periods and other mathematical activities. The Institute also hosts Master and PhD studies, does an important dissemination work through programs of visits from secondary schools, talks and activities aimed at a general audience, and it offers mathematical technology transfer to explore effective collaboration with external companies.

"Mathematics is the language of the Universe" (Galileo Galilei), and allows the human being to analyze the variables that govern the processes that we find, whether in all theoretical and applied sciences, or in the natural world. The joint action of IMAG in Mathematics and of nearby powerful research centers in adjacent sciences such as Artificial Intelligence and Particle Physics, make Granada a first level scientific pole in the international panorama