SOMMa centres and units are committed to knowledge and technology transfer. They aim at maximising business opportunities arising from research being carried out at their centres and units and from collaborations with industry, investors and different allies. Besides, a firm intention exists to translate the scientific results generated at research centres and units into novel products contributing to the quality of life of our society. Knowledge and technology transfer teams play a key role in connecting industry with exciting findings in their centres and units.

Creating value

Top-notch science generates knowledge and value for society. SOMMa members foster entrepreneurship and collaboration with industry for optimal exploitation of research results

121 Patent applications
Priority Patent Applications filled by SOMMa members (data from 2021)
15 Spin-offs
Active during 2021
579 Contracts
And collaborations with industrial partners were initiated during 2021
58 Licences
Involving Intellectual Property from SOMMa members were issued in 2021

Fernando Peláez

Biotechnology Programme Director at CNIO

As SOMMa Project Manager, Fernando will re-direct you to the relevant contact person. You can also find the contacts for knowledge and technology transfer at most of the SOMMa centres and units in this link:

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