Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Energy (IMDEA Energy)

A María de Maeztu unit since 2019

IMDEA Energy is one of the seven independent R&D IMDEA centres promoted by the regional government of the Comunidad de Madrid, Spain. IMDEA Energy is a non-profit public foundation, created in November 2006, and at present it has a highly qualified staff of 105 researchers, engineers, technicians and managers, with solid expertise in the energy field.

The Scientific Programme of the IMDEA Energy Institute aims at contributing to the future establishment of a sustainable energy system with a high degree of decarbonisation, economically competitive and securing energy supply. IMDEA Energy focuses its research on solar energy, the production of sustainable fuels, energy saving, CO2 valorisation, thermal energy storage and the development of electrochemical energy storage systems coupled to renewable energy.

The IMDEA Energy Institute is committed with having a significant impact on R&D energy themes by bringing together high quality researchers, providing them with excellent infrastructures and resources, and promoting their close collaboration with the industrial sector.

The strategic framework guiding the R&D priorities of IMDEA Energy is based on goals and priorities established by energy plans and research programmes at regional, national and European levels; such as the new European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan; the selected targets for 2030 and 2050; the European Research Framework Horizon Europe; National Energy and Climate Plan; the Clean Energy Transition Partnership; technology roadmaps of recognized international institutions and associations and implementation agreements of the International Energy Agency.

Key Facts of Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Energy (IMDEA Energy)

118 Publications
Scientific publications in 2021 of which 91% Q1 and 62% D1 (Scopus-Scival).
56% External Funding
Percentage of external funding sources as of 2021.
93 Projects & Contracts
Research projects and contracts active during 2021.
6 ERC grants
ERC grants awarded up to the year 2021.
The Maria de Maeztu award is not only an excellent recognition of the work performed by IMDEA Energy in the past years and an important source of funding, but it also represents a great opportunity to strengthen our international visibility and the impact of our scientific activities in the search for a sustainable and low-carbon energy system.
David Serrano Granados
Director at IMDEA Energy