Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – Departamento de Economía (ECO-UC3M)

A María de Maeztu unit since 2014

The Department of Economics of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is one of the cornerstones of economics research in Spain, as demonstrated by its accreditation as a Unidad de Excelencia María de Maeztu, and by its position in international rankings such as that of the European Economic Association (EEA), that places it 52 in the world, 9 in Europe and 2 in Spain.

The key to its success has been the adoption of the professional practices of the best universities in the world (recruiting its junior faculty in the international job market, applying rigorous promotion standards based on merit, implementing policies incentivising quality research and teaching), resulting in a dynamic and diverse faculty educated in the best universities of the world.

The quality of its academic programs is also well recognised. The econphd.net ranking places the UC3M Economics Ph.D. in the position 46 in the world, 9 in Europe and 1 in Spain. The UC3M professional master programs in Economics and in Industrial Economics attract students from around the world. Likewise, the quality of the UC3M undergraduate programs in economics and business attracts the best students around the county, and consistently maintain the 1-2 highest access grades in Spain.

Key Facts of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – Departamento de Economía (ECO-UC3M)

1 Starting, and 2 Consolidator
172 Published article
55 of these publications in D1 (four-year period).
8.55 Million €
Public and private funds for research projects obtained from international, national and regional competitive calls (four-year period).
24 Ph.D. Thesis
Number of PhD theses defended (four-year period).
The recognition of the Department’s social impact and potential for talent attraction that the María de Maeztu Award implies, together with the funding provided by the program, have been critical to allow the Department maintaining its recruiting, research, training and diffusion activities during this period of tight budget constraints.
Antonio Cabrales
Director at UC3M