Funded PhD Candidate Position – Perceptual Inference Group – Modelling inference in the brain

The freshly established Perceptual Inference Group at the BCBL studies how the subcortical and early cortical stages of the brain work together to make sense of the sensory world. This project will investigate the neural circuits implementing perceptual inference along the subcortical auditory pathway. This is a fantastic opportunity for individuals with a quantitative background who wish to start a career in Computational Neuroscience.

Job description:

Designing and implementing computational models of neural circuits
Training recurrent neural networks and biologically plausible dynamical systems
Analysing mice electrophysiological recordings and human fMRI data
Writing research papers under the supervision of the PI, aiming to publish at top-tier journals
Dissemination of results at international scientific conferences

PI and research group:

The Perceptual Inference Group is a freshly established interdisciplinary research group at the BCBL in San Sebastian, Spain. The group combines tools from Machine Learning, Computational Neuroscience, and state-of-the-art Human Neuroimaging to explain how our expectations and subjective priors shape our experience of reality. The lab has a large network of international collaborations with experimental and computational labs in Leipzig, Dresden, Basel, Pennsylvania, and Cambridge. The PI, Alejandro Tabas, is currently holding an ERC Starting Grant, and the lab has plenty of funding for conference trips and research visits to our collaborators abroad.