Outstanding Tenure-Track Group Leaders @ ICFO in Medical Photonics

ICFO invites applications for tenure-track Group Leader positions to expand its biological and biomedical photonics research efforts. The new group would be part of the Light4Health Thrust and placed within the Barcelona Medical Photonics Network which consists of local hospitals and biomedical research institutes. ICFO group leader positions offer outstanding opportunities for young scientists aiming to start and lead an independent research group.

ICFO is a CERCA center that conducts wide-scope research in a variety of fields that use optics and photonics, including nanoscience, nanotechnology, quantum sciences, biosciences, and their applications encompassing all areas of science and technology.

We are looking for ambitious and creative young scientists with an innovative research program at the forefront of biomedical photonics where new tools are used to advance medical and wellness applications at all levels. Applications with programs addressing multidisciplinary topics that complement ICFO’s existing core strengths are particularly welcome. Of special interest are research programs in optogenetics, optical contrast agents and sensors, acousto-optics, optical coherence tomography, in vivo mesoscopy and biomedical devices.

Currently, ICFO’s Light4Health program covers a wide range of biophysical, biophotonics and biomedical photonics areas from basic sciences to clinical applications/trials to the development of new technologies including bench-to-bedside/market translation. In particular, we seek to expand our activities that involve close collaborations with local, national and international hospitals, to strengthen the activities of the newly established Barcelona Medical Photonics Network and to contribute to key societal problems in the area of health. The research program will be supported by ICFO’s outstanding and active Knowledge and Technology Transfer team and associated networks.

Inquiries for further information should be addressed to ICFO’s director, at director@icfo.eu.