Research Assistant for Colorectal Cancer Laboratory (ref. LAB/24/01)

IRB Barcelona is seeking an enthusiastic Research Assistant for the Colorectal Cancer Laboratory led by Dr. Eduard Batlle.

The laboratory studies the evolution of intestinal cancer stem-like cells and their ecosystem during cancer progression, with particular interests in unraveling how the tumor microenvironment facilitates immune evasion and metastasis. The ultimate goal is to obtain information that help design new therapeutic and diagnostic tools.

This particular position is to work in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry to test novel drugs against metastatic colorectal cancer.


To perform routine Cell Culture of Colorectal Cancer Organoids.
To perform experimental work in vivo treating cancer with novel therapeutics
To perform techniques involving tumour counting, FACs analyses and routine histological techniques (immunohistochemistry, etc.) for the project.
To promote the flow of information by establishing, utilizing, and maintaining an effective communication within and outside the laboratory.
To keep high quality standards of research.


Must Have – Required:

Experience: FPII, Bachelor or Doctoral degree in Life Sciences.
Knowledge: Accreditation to perform animal experimentation is a must.
Skills: The candidate should have high organization capacity and willing to learn.
Languages: Fluent in English.


Cell Culture experience
Molecular Biology Skills (PCR, cloning, etc)