Research Engineer – RISC-V Software ports (RE1)

Context And Mission

In the context of VITAMIN-V european project (2023-2025), the Data Centric Computing Group from the Computer Science Department searches an engineer willing to work in a project with leading industry players to support the next wave of Exascale computing advancements centered in the initiative RISC-V.
The task will be supporting the port to RISC-V of well-known and widely used software runtimes and cloud environments, as Spark, TensorFlow, OpenStack. Additionaly, given the research nature of the group, collaborate on the development and optimization of big data and machine learning frameworks, contributing to advancements in AI and data science.
For this tasks, we search engineer with different background, system administrator (to guide the installation and adaptation of the software), to programmers knowing the RISC-V platform and willing to participate in the coding of extensions for it.

Key Duties

- Implement and port Big Data and Analytics runtimes to RISC-V (i.e, Spark, Tensorflow)
- Port cloud management software to RISC-V (OpenStack)
- Implement LLVM extensions (in C++) to support new languages to RISC-V
- Contribute to the development and porting of Big Data and Machine Learning frameworks