Amalfi Analytics

Amalfi analytics provides the managers of the Healthcare System with easy to use and easy to deploy tools for Big Data. We help with decisionmaking regarding where to invest resources and efforts to improve healthcare and patient quality of life.

Clinical Health Management:
Finding patterns of disease associations can help identify population of patients potentially at risks. ANIS (Anàlisis d’Informació Sanitària) is a powerful tool for that. The benefits are better prevention and clinical outcome.

Human Resources Management:
Managing human resources in healthcare is not an easy task, due to unpredictible behaviors and specialized roles. ARUM (Anàlisi de Recursos Humans) intends to help you find these behavioral patterns to plan better and ahead.

Cost-analysis Management:
It is often a small percentage of users that consumes most of the resources. However, detecting this before it happens is usually not possible with traditional statistical tools. ACIS (Anàlisi de Costos en Informació Sanitària) makes this possible by analysing your data, forecasting usage and suggesting preventive care actions.